Event updates when Contact’s Info changes

November 2, 2022

If a User has a pending appointment and the contact’s information: Name, address, phone and or email are edited, then that information is synchronized into the Appointment information.

Phone Number Lookup: Verification of Text-Enabled VS Landline

October 20, 2022

The system now has the ability to confirm if a number entered in the ‘Cell Phone’ field of a Contact Profile is text-enabled versus identified as a land-line or not text enabled. 

This verification process is performed in the following instances: when a new Contact is added, when the number in the Cell Phone field is edited, and/or when the mobile phone icon to the right of the Cell Phone number is clicked. If the number is verified to be text-enabled, the ‘Ok to SMS?’ toggle will be set to active (on) and the corresponding Text tab will be available for use.  If the number is determined to not be text-enabled/a landline number, the toggle will be set to in-active (off), the Text tab will not be accessible, and a statement in red will appear next to the toggle stating “Landline number, SMS not allowed.”

Contact Links within Contact Profile

October 13, 2022

There are now two options for collecting and sharing information about Contacts from the CRM:

Clicking the option at the top left (Contact Info) will copy a URL link back to this specific Contact profile that you can share with others. To access the the information about this Contact, the recipient of this information must have valid login credentials for the CRM. This URL is also available as a token.

Clicking the option at the right (#……) copies the Contact ID. This information is also available as a token.