CT Sign

January 20, 2021


CT sign allows you to create documents that can be signed by a contact.

You will need to use Tokens and the Text Editor to build your documents.

Please note there are four specialized tokens for CT Sign that are only available in this feature.

  • Initials
  • Checkboxes
  • Today’s Date
  • Text Field

Do not pre-write and format your document outside of the Text Editor and then try to copy and paste it into the Text Editor. This can cause many formatting issues.


Creating a new CT Sign Document

To create a CT Sign Document:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to the Hosted Pages tab
  3. Click next to “Add New”
  4. Pick a name for the page
  5. Pick a Page Slug
    • Page Slug cannot have any spaces in it.
  6. Select CT-Sign under type
  7. Use the Text Editor and Tokens to build the documentation

Please note the signature line for the contact will automatically be added to the bottom of the document. Currently we can only have one signature line per document.

If you would like to put your signature in the document Please turn it into an image and insert it.

Sending a CT Sign Document

To send the CT Sign Document you have created:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Hosted Page Tab
  3. Select the Hosted Page you would like to send
  4. Copy the page slug
  5. Put this in a template using the token “Hosted Page”
    • It will look like this {{hostedpage.PAGE_SLUG}}
    • Paste the Page Slug you copied from step 4 over PAGE_SLUG in the token.
  6. Use the template in an email or text to send this to the contact.
  7. The contact will see a link in their email or text and be able to see and sign the document from there.

You will also receive a notification when a CT Sign document was viewed by a contact and another when it has been signed by the contact.

When the document has been signed a pdf of the document will be saved in the contact’s files in the contact profile.