Charts: Minutes and SMS Usage

September 21, 2022

Two chart that will keep you in the know of your Minutes and SMS usage trends. You can choose between 1 and 12 months. Please understand that this chart shows is based on the the calendar month not the billing month.

Email Open Rate

September 13, 2022

An Email Open Rate Chart needs to show 4 things: a Date, Number Sent, Number Opened and the Percentage Opened. We have built all this in one chart. Study the image above.
The dates are shown across the bottom. These dates are sensitive to the date range you set on the Dashboard.
The number sent and opened are measured on the Left Vertical axis.
The open rate is measured against the Right Vertical Axis.
At the bottom center is the total average open rate as calculated for the whole date range.

The raw data making up the table is provided in the lower left for download. The data is segmented in various ways for analysis in pivot tables.

Improving email open rate is both a Science and an Art. Much has been written on the subject and is available for you be researching it on the internet.

Server Side Improvements

Authenticate the our email server or use your SMTP settings.

Some Whitelable accounts can have a custom domain setup on our servers to isolate your emails as well.

Verify your email against spam checkers

One example would be Mailgenius. They will provide you with a tempory (one time use) email address where you can send your email for analysis. They will give you a score based on a bunch of factors. Using the titles of those factors you can continue to research each of them.

Historical Minutes and Text Usage per Month

September 13, 2022

Historical Minutes and Text usage charts are available. You can ask for 1-12 months history and the system will show you the Chronological usage rates. Notes this does NOT synchronize with your billing cycle but it will show you a trend.

The actual number of months available are based on your start date or the feature date whichever is the shortest.