February 11, 2020

Unlike our APIs, where you must follow a strict convention, our parsing system is a No Code solution. We have released a UI for self-developed email parsers.
A Parser analyzes an email to find logical components like First Name, Last Name and Phone Number.

Here is a Slide Deck to help with understanding ClientTether’s Parsing System.

In Case you missed it in the Slide Deck, here is a Full List of Parser Terms.

You will find the Parser Tab under Main Menu: Hello (name) – Settings

Our parsing system has been successfully used to receive custom emails from: chat bots, applications and websites to both insert New Contacts as well as Update existing contacts.

Parsers have been built by Account Owners inside ClientTether to accepts emails from lead generators like: CraftJack, Franchise Help, Franchise Gator, BizBuySell, ConXPros, HomeDepot Icon, Renovation Experts, Chat 247, Botpress, Facebook, LinkedIn and Zapier to just name a few.
Some ClientTether accounts have even sent emails to other ClientTether accounts to share and update contacts in each others account.

As a No Code solution goes, this is a great option. However, at times, the complexity of the email may require a little more knowledge of HTML than you might have in order to build a successful Parser. In this case, you can contract with us to build a Parser for a nominal fee.

Please note although we can accept incoming emails and parse them from Angi Leads, formerly Home Advisor, we strongly encourage you to utilize the integration instead. Angi Leads constantly changes up their emails format and makes utilizing the parser very difficult since you constantly have to be updating it.