Event Tab

November 16, 2020


This tab allows you to schedule events. The three types of events available in this tab are:

  • Call (An automated, scheduled call)
  • Contact Reminder
  • Next Appointment

You can schedule one of these events by

  1. Selecting the Event in the event Type drop down menu
  2. Decide if you would like to activate a Manual Type Event Plan from that drop down menu
  3. Select if you want a notification when it is time for the event by Checking the Add Notification Box.
  4. Select the Start Date-Time
  5. If you are scheduling a Appointment you will need to select End Date-Time
    1. Make sure you click the Correct Date on the Calendar.
  6. If you are Scheduling an appointment you can invite people by email.
    1. It does not automatically invite the client so you would need to put the client’s email in to that field.
  7. Type in any notes that would be beneficial for the event.
  8. If it is an Appointment you will have to select who it is assigned to from the drop down menu.
  9. Click
  10. The Event will appear in the upcoming actions section of the contact profile