February 10, 2020

Last Update: Nov 16, 2022

Pipeline is a visual representation of your customized Sales Cycles.

The pipeline feature in ClientTether gives you clear visibility into your sales flow and allows you to see a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • How many contacts you have in each part of your sales cycle
  • The deal value of each contact
  • The overall sales potential rolled up in each part of your sales cycles
  • Prospects in your pipeline with no pending actions, with overdue actions, and with actions due today
  • Length of time each prospect has been in a sales cycle
  • Likelihood for each deal to close
  • Estimated close dates for each opportunity

How to Read the Pipeline


The ClientTether’s Pipeline is a powerful tool for you to be able to optimize your sales effectiveness. To get the most out of it, it’s important to understand how to read it. Below we breakdown what each part of the pipeline provides.

Sort Features

At the top of the pipeline we have all of the sort features needed. For more information on how to sort the pipeline click here.


Each column has two main parts:

  1. Column Header
  2. Contact Cards

Column Headers

The Column Header is made of three pieces of information.

  1. The title lets you know what step, in your sales cycle, the contacts are in.
  2. The Total Sales Potential is the sum total of all deal values in that column.
  3. The total number of contacts in that particular step

Contact Cards

Contact Cards are available for each opportunity in your Pipeline. Keep in mind that a contact can have more than one opportunity, so I contact card will display for each opportunity for that contact that is in an active sales cycle. The Contact Card can contain 7 pieces of vital information

  1. The contact’s name
  2. Opportunity Name
  3. Deal size
  4. Likelihood of the deal going through
  5. Close Date
  6. Days in Column
  7. Priority
    1. for New Lead
    2. for Missed Action
    3. for Today’s Action
    4. for Has Pending Action(s)
    5. for No Pending Actions


As you are using the pipeline feature there will be times you would like to make changes to a contacts details. Those can easily be done in the pipeline.


Making Changes with Drag and Drop

This change will effectively change what step in a sales cycle a contact is in.

  1. Identify the contact that you would like to move into a different column
  2. Drag and Drop the contact onto the column header of the sales cycle you want it to be in

Making Changes via Contact Card

The contact card allows you to change the following:

  • Action Plan
  • Deal Size
  • Quoted
  • Closed
  • Likelihood
  • Close Date

Changes are made by:

  1. Clicking on the colored dot to the right of a contact’s name (this opens the contact card
  2. Select the field you wish to edit
  3. Change the value

Making Changes to Contact Profile

You can open the full contact profile in the pipeline by clicking on the contact’s name. This will open the full contact profile.


To make the pipeline dynamic and easy to use to take action, we’ve added several resources to help you sort it. Here is a list of the tools you have available to sort the pipeline:

Contact Type

To sort by contact type:

  1. Find the at the top left part of the screen
  2. Select the down area for the drop down menu
  3. Select the contact type

Priority (Communication Priority)

When you sort by communication priority it puts the selected priority at the top of each column. To do this:

  1. Locate on the right half of the top of the screen
  2. Click on the color indicating the priority you wish to sort by

For a key of what the different priority colors mean click here

Advanced Filter

Advanced sort allows you to sort by:

  • Action Plan
  • State
  • Lead Source
  • User Assigned
  • Tags

To use the advanced sort:

  1. Click on on the top right part of the screen
  2. Select which item you would like to sort by

Quick Sort

Quick Sort allows you to sort by

  • Days in Column
  • Close On (Close Date)
  • Likelihood
  • $ Value (Deal Size)
  • Company
  • First Name
  • Last Name

To use the quick sort

  1. Click on the on the far right of the top of the screen
  2. Select the category you would like to sort by
    1. There are two options to sort by
      1. Which indicates sorting small to great
      2. Which indicates sorting great to small