Deleting Contacts

April 7, 2020


There are times where a contact needs to be deleted so it is no longer visible on your main Contact List.

There are two way to delete a contact in ClientTether.

  1. Deleting from Within Contact Profile
    1. Ideal for deleting a single contact
  2. Deleting from Within the Contact List
    1. Ideal for deleting multiple contacts

The Video Demonstration and Written instructions below will go over how to successfully accomplish this.

Please note if you are wanting to delete contacts from Archived the processes are the same.

Video Demonstration

Written Instructions

Delete from within Contact Profile

Step 1. Click on the contact you wish to delete

Step 2. Click on Delete Contact Icon

Step 3. Click Okay to Prompt

Delete from within Contact List

Step 1. Check boxes of Contacts you wish to delete

Step 2. Click red Delete button

Step #. Click Okay to Prompt