Contacts List

February 10, 2020


ClientTether is fantastic at keeping you connected with your clients, vendors, employees and anyone else this essential for your business to be successful.

One of the essential tools for that success is our Contact management tool set. Contacts in ClientTether allow you to keep in touch with everyone that is part of your company. You are able to sort contacts based on type and keep track of all communications in one central, organized location – the Contact List.

Below are topics that go over the key features of our contacts pages. Select on any of the links below to learn more.


Types of Contacts and the Contact List

There are 6 types of Contacts with a growing features set for each. Selecting the proper Contact Type is very important because the Dashboard and Pipeline are sensitive to Contact Type selection.

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Partners
    • Other companies/people you partner with
  • Vendors
    • People you buy from
  • Others
    • Whatever else you need to use to categorize contacts
  • Moved
    • This contact type designates that the contact has moved and changed locations.
    • This Contact Type is Not available in all accounts. If you would like access to this Contact Type please contact your Success Manager.
  • Archived
    • Deleted Contacts
    • This is a fail safe to make sure if you did not mean to delete someone who can easily restore the contact.
    • These contacts are inactive and do not get checked in the duplicate check process.
    • If you delete from Archived the contact is gone forever.

Please note when you select the “All Main Contacts” Contact List it does not show you archived contacts. .

Clicking view all Active opportunities list out each individual opportunity that is in an active Sales Cycle.

You will note the Opportunity name is listed above the contact name. This is not like the rest of the options in the contact drop down list, because it is not displaying the central contact profile, but each individual opportunity.

Also be aware you can break down the contact type by using the drop down menu to the right of Search Contact by:

  • Main Contacts
    • Only shows the default opportunity for each contact
  • Active Opportunities
    • Will display all opportunities that are in an active Sales Cycle Step.
  • All Opportunities
    • Will display all opportunities that exist in that contact type. Regardless of if they are active or not.

Know How Many Contacts You Have

This information is included at the top of the page of each Contact List you select.

Other Ways Contacts Are Created

Contacts can be created in ClientTether in a myriad of ways:

Please take time to click on the provided links to learn more about how these tools can help you.

Merging Contacts

This feature is useful when you discover you have multiple contacts for the same person.

  1. Select the contacts involved
  2. Click
  3. Select Which Contact you wish to keep

Make sure to make a history note in the contact you intend to keep that includes any information you need from the other contact.

Also change the street address to the one you plan on getting rid of to “Rid” so that it is easy for you to tell the contacts apart.

Group Changes

This allows you to make quick changes to multiple contacts in a contact list.

This feature allows you to change the following:

  • Lead Source
  • Sales Cycle
  • Action Plan
  • Assigned User
  • Contact Type
  • Tags
    • You can add tags
    • You cannot remove tags

To use this feature:

  1. Select multiple, at least two, contacts.
  2. Click
  3. Select field(s) you wish to change
  4. Click
    1. Or if you have decided you don’t want to update click “Cancel” on the bottom right corner, or the “X” on the top right corner.

Shortly after clicking the button to update a message like this

will appear.

Combined Contacts

To combine contacts – meaning to combine two contacts and their opportunities – Start by:

  1. Checking it makes sense to combine them
    • Duplicate contacts because of repeat customers
    • Multiple sites for the same company that you have broken into separate contacts.
  2. Make sure opportunity names in all contacts you are combining make sense.
    • You generally want to make sure the opportunity names are descriptive and easy to differentiate.
  3. Use the Main Contacts filter on the contact list you are using.
    • This makes it easy for you to see that your combination has worked since one of the contacts will seem to disappear when done.

Once you have checked those items you are ready to combine the contacts.

  1. Select the contacts you wish to combine and click the combined button.
    • You can combine as many contacts at once as you wish.
  2. On the list of main opportunities for the contacts you selected click the star of the opportunity you wish to be the main opportunity out of the group.
  3. Click Save

Once you have completed this you have successfully combined your contacts. If you open the main contact you selected and look at the opportunity dropdown menu you will see all opportunities tied to the opportunities you just combined. You will not lose opportunities by using this feature.

This feature is designed to help you and your team be able to manage and maintain your contact list with little hassle.

Exporting Contacts

This feature allows you to download a .CSV file of all your active contacts, so all contacts that are not Archived.

  1. In the Contact List click
  2. Then Click “Click here to Download Export File”
  3. You file will download as a .CSV
  4. Open in you desired software

Releasing Contacts

Releasing Contacts allows sub accounts to release their contacts to their direct Parent Account.

To release a contact or contact(s)

  1. Check the box next the name(s) you would like released.
  2. Click
  3. Click “Okay”
    1. If you changed your mind click “Cancel”

Reassigning Contacts

Reassigning contacts allows you to send a contact to any of your direct sub accounts.

  1. Select contact(s) you wish to reassign
  2. Click
  3. Select the sub account you want to send the contact(s)
  4. Click Reassign Contacts
    1. Or if you have decided you don’t want to reassign click “Cancel” on the bottom right corner, or the “X” on the top right corner.

You can use the “Search Contact” bar to search you contacts by:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • email (full or partial)
  • Cell phone (full or partial)
    • You can search via any format of 10 digits you wish
      • 5555555555
      • (555) 555-555
      • 555.555.5555
      • etc.

Contacts Advanced Filter

Basic Advanced Filter

Advanced Filter has the options of filtering your contacts based on:

  • Action Plan
  • Sales Cycle
  • Lead Source
  • Assigned User
  • State
  • Tags

Please note: Users can now filter by all Action Plans, Sales Cycles, Lead Sources, Assigned Users, States, and Tags available within the account.

Using the Advanced Filters Button

To access the Advanced Filters click in the bottom left of the window.

This Advanced Filters option allows you to

  • select a “Search”, which is based off of any variables tied to the contacts.
  • The “That is” column allows you to select the logical tool you wish to search with
  • “The Value” is the value you are searching
  • “Continue With” allows you to choose an “And” or “Or” Relationship between your rows in the search.
    • “And” means anything joined by the And must be true for results to be returned.
    • “Or” means it will return anything where any of the items are true.
  • You can add as many rows as you wish by clicking

Page Settings

Page settings allow you to select what columns/fields you would like to display on the contact lists and also how many contacts you want displayed per page.

When you are doing making the changes you wish click