Action Plans

February 10, 2020


Action plans are automated sequences of personalized engagement across text, phone, email, and physical media fulfillment that are central to the value our clients get from ClientTether. .

They allow you to create a personal, yet automated engagements to ensure immediate lead follow up, ongoing client sales communication, and retention and online reputation management after a sale.

These Action Plans are broken down into different types to help you utilize them more effectively.

  • Connection Plans
  • Conversion Plans
  • Retention Plans
  • Events Plans
  • Seasonal Plans

From the Action Plan menu, you also have access to templates, your email signature, and the ability to export your action plans for review.


Creating Action Plans

No matter the type of action plan the creation is very similair.

  1. Click on the by the Add New
  2. Enter The Action Plan Name
  3. Leave your new Action Plan in Draft Mode until it is Ready for use.
  4. Select Next Plan if you would like to launch another Action Plan after this plan has run its full course.
  5. Then, you may choose a Lead source or Sales Cycle depending on the type of Action Plan (see colored table above). The lead Source selected in a Connection Plan will ensure that each lead from that source immediately is engaged by that Action Plan. A Sales Cycle selected in a Conversion or Retention plan will automatically set that Contact’s Sales Cycle when the Action Plan is activated.
  6. Also depending on the plan you may be able to add a specific date for the plan.
  7. When have finished please click
  8. After you have added all the necessary steps to your Action Plan, be sure and change from Draft mode to Ready using the switch just above the Action Plan’s name.

Actions Available

  • Assign User
    • Allows you to assign an account user to work directly with the contact
    • Also allows user to be unassigned from contact
  • Automated Call
    • Allows you to schedule a call so you can speak with the contact at a scheduled interval
  • Contact Reminder
    • Reminds you to contact a contact on a set day.
  • Email
    • Allows you to pre-write and set specific emails that need to be sent at set times to contacts.
  • SMS
    • Allows you to pre-write and set specific texts that need to be sent at set times to contacts.
  • Others based on Add-Ons
    • Available depending on Add-On option selected in settings.

How to Add an Action

Getting Started

There are two ways to add an new action.

  1. If have selected or are editing another action click the next to “New Action”
  2. Otherwise on the right part of the screen you can start creating your new action

Steps for Creating Action

  1. Select Action Type
  2. Name Action
  3. Select if you would like a notification on the action
  4. Select timing
    1. If no specific date is set for the action plan
      1. immediate will be sent out the second the action plan is initiated
      2. Delayed will be delayed from the time Action plan started
      3. A note on timing. If multiple steps are put in the same timing realm – immediate or delayed by 1 minute. The steps will fire in the order displayed in the UI. So if you put email then assigned user to happen then email will send then assigned user will happen.
    2. If a specific date is set for the action plan
      1. Immediate will be sent out the second the action plan starts
      2. Before will be sent out the designated time before the event
        1. If someone is added to an action plan outside of the allotted time for an action the action will be skipped.
          1. If an action is set to 3 days before an event and you put someone in the action plan 1 day before the event the action will be skipped.
      3. Delayed will take after the event.
  5. Click

Differences in Types of Action Plans

Connection Plans – Designed to help establish initial connection with new leads, which is why they typically have a lead source attached to them.

These are typically short term and designed to run less then a month.

Conversion Plans – Are for helping move current leads through to the next step.

These are designed to typically run 1-3 months and support your sales cycle.

Retention Plans – Designed to maintain relationships with current, past, and lost customers.

These are meant to be much longer term and can run 1 year or more in some cases.

Events Plan – Events plans are based to work around a specific date/Event. This can include appointment follow-up, promotion for an upcoming event, etc.

Please note if you delete the event it will delete the remaining steps for the event plan.

Seasonal Plans – Seasonal Plans are based to work around a specific date/Event. This can include appointments, conferences, promos, etc. This is designed to work with groups.