Whiteboard Tab

November 20, 2020


The Whiteboard Tab in the Contact Profile Allows you access to three important features: The whiteboard, Add a Note, and Log-a-Call.

All three of these features provide you with critical tools for team communication and documentation.

You easily toggle between these three features in the Whiteboard tab in the contact Profile by clicking on the radio button next to each tool name.



The Whiteboard is what is automatically displayed when a contact profile opens.

This is a fantastic place to record key details that team members need to know at-a-glance about the job or product a client is interested in, and other notes that would be helpful about the client, their home, or the services they may have interest in.

To edit the Whiteboard just click on the text field and make changes or add content.

When you are done click

Add Note

Add Note allows you to directly input a note into your History Notes. Each Note added will be tagged with the User that entered it, the date, and the time of creation.

To do this:

  1. Toggle to Add Note using the radio button
  2. Click the text field and enter in your note
  3. Click

You can then click on the History Tab and see your note has been successfully added to History Notes.


Log-a-Call allows you to add a history note specific to logging a phone calls as well as sending that information by of way of text and/or email to the Account Owner, Account Users, or anyone else who needs the information.

How you use this feature:

  1. Toggle to Log-a-Call using its radio button in the Whiteboard Tab
  2. Select your Reason Code*
  3. Select your Disposition Code*
  4. Choose if you would like to send a email and/or text to a contact about the logged call
  5. Click from the list of Account Owner and Users who needs to receive a communication about the logged call
  6. Enter any additional Emails or Phone numbers that need to receive the information
  7. Click on the large text field to the left of these settings and type in the information about the call.
  8. Click

All information including who it was shared with will appear in the History Tab.

* These items are editable at the enterprise level in Settings in the Log Codes Tab.