Trouble Shooting

September 3, 2020


If you are experiencing issues with ClientTether you can do the following six things to try to resolve it. If these six things do not work please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

  • Kurt Brown:
  • Shae Colton:

6 Things to Check

1. Make sure you are using Chrome

ClientTether is designed to work with Chrome. If you attempt to use any other browser: Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc. Then you will run into issues.

2. Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome

ClientTether is designed to work with the latest version of Chrome. If you are behind in your Chrome updates this can cause problems. To make sure you are up to date please:

  1. Go to the three Ellipses at the top of your Chrome Browser
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Select “About Chrome”
  4. See if your Chrome is up to date. If it is not it should automatically update itself.

3. Make sure ClientTether is not open in more than one tab

Because of the cookies used with ClientTether you cannot have it open in more than one tab or window on your computer. Otherwise it will cause a lot of issues.

4. Hard refresh the page that is having issues

Clicking the refresh button in your browser does not make everything on your page reload.

You will need to hard refresh the page by doing the following

  • PC = Ctrl F5
  • Chromebook = hold down Ctrl and click the refresh button
  • Apple products = CMD Shift R

You may need to hard refresh up to three times before the page loads correctly (internet speed and connection issues).

5. Verify Your Account is not paused

A common issue we have is when an account is accidentally paused.

Please take a moment and check on your main menu that the word “Pause” is there. That means it is active

If it says “Play” Then that means your account has been paused. To change this just click on the play.

6. Restart your computer

Sometimes someone’s computer will be having issues not related to ClientTether.

However, because of these problems it can affect other programs and processes on your computer.

Try rebooting your computer and see if that resolves the issue.