December 31, 2020


The opportunities feature, available in the Contact Profile, allows you to track multiple opportunities from a single contact.

Every Opportunity can be placed in its own Action Plan, and have its own Assigned User, Sales Cycle, and Lead Source.

Also all contact information is tied to a single opportunity. This is helpful if a client owns multiple properties, requires multiple services, or otherwise needs to track different deals. This new feature allows you to save a different address with each opportunity.

The opportunity contact information will copy from the default opportunity and you can change it with the new opportunity.

You are also able to select or type in:

  • If the appointment has been set
  • The deal size
    • This also can be updated by the Proposal System. If a proposal has been created for the Opportunity.
      • You tie a proposal to an opportunity by having the opportunity selected. In the contact profile, and then creating a Proposal.
  • Whether the client has been quoted
  • Likelihood of the deal going through
  • The close date
  • If the opportunity is closed
  • If the contact has paid.

Please be aware updating opportunities via API and Parsers will be available soon.


Creating a New Opportunity for a Contact

To create an new opportunity for a contact:

  1. Open the client’s Contact Profile.
  2. Click directly under “Opportunity”
  3. Select the opportunity from the templates drop down
    • This drop down list is created from the Opportunity Templates you created in the Opportunity Settings.
    • You can edit any of the fields for the opportunity once it has been created. You do not have to use the default setting from the template.
  4. If it is a unique Opportunity that does not fall in line with an existing template select “Other” At the bottom of the drop down menu.
    1. A new text field will appear below Other
    2. Type in name of Opportunity in this field.
    3. Fill out any needed fields

Where to View A Contact’s Opportunities

Contact Profile

In the Contact Profile there are two places you can see all Opportunities for a contact.

  1. The drop down menu for the Opportunity
    • Will list all opportunities
    • Also where you can switch which opportunity you are looking at.
  2. By clicking just to the right it will open the Opportunity Table
    • Shows all Opportunities for Client in an easy to read table.
    • You can edit the opportunity name in this table by hovering your mouse over the name and then clicking


Pipeline will display each opportunity as a contact in the Pipeline.

If you have a Contact with multiple opportunities in different parts of the Sales Cycle you are able to visualize them in the Pipeline.

Opportunity Table

The opportunity table, which again is opened by clicking above the opportunity drop list, is a powerful tool to allow you to see exactly what is going on with each opportunity.

The headers in this table are:

  • Opportunity
    • Name for specific Opportunity
  • Deal Size
    • How much money is on the line with this contact
    • Can be auto filled by Proposal
    • Can be manually updated as you go through the process
  • Likelihood
    • how likely a contact is to go through with the deal
  • Close Date
    • Expected Close date
    • Set by the Calendar field in contact profile.
    • Not the same as Closed Date below, which is the actual date the sale was closed.
  • Appt Set
    • Has an appointment been set
    • Manually toggle on Appt Set
  • Quoted Date
    • Can be done via the proposal
    • Can be manually done by toggling Quoted on
  • $ Quoted
    • How much was actually quoted
      • This can only be filled in from the proposal
  • Closed Date
    • Can come from proposal
    • Can manually be done by toggling Closed on
  • $ Closed
    • How much Contact was Closed for
      • This can only be filled in from the proposal
  • Completed
    • Date Job completed
    • Can come from proposal
    • Can be recorded by manually toggling CMPL to on
  • $ Completed
    • How much was ultimately collected from the job
      • This can only be filled in from the proposal

How to Delete an Opportunity

Once you have created an opportunity if you wish to delete it you can click the That is found to the right of the opportunity name.

This will remove the opportunity. If you do this by accident and need to restore the opportunity you can go to Archive contact list and restore the opportunity.

If you try to delete the default opportunity it will remove the entire contact from your active list and move it to Archive.

Display of Primary v. Non-Primary Opportunities

On the contact list when, the search filter is set to all opportunities, and in the pipeline, which automatically displays all opportunities, to help with easily distinguishing between primary and non-primary Opportunities you will see a star displayed by the contact name.

If the star is filled in then it is a primary Opportunity.

If the star is unfilled then it is a non-primary opportunity.

Short Training On Opportunities

This is a short training on Opportunities that was recorded by our CTO, Kent Hall. Here is a link to the Slide Deck that he uses in his presentation.