Manually Creating Contacts

March 5, 2020

Video Demonstration

If you can see the video above click here

Written Instructions

The steps to manually creating a contact are:

  1. Log into ClientTether
  2. Click on the Contact Tab from the Navigation Links at the top of the page
    picture depicting exact location of contact Menu
  3. A drop down Menu will display. Select what category you wish to add a contact to, or just select “All”
    Picture showing options of different kinds of Contacts
  4. No matter your selection the next step will be the same. In the upper Left hand corner there is an icon called “+ Add New” Click on that Icon
    Shows location of +Add New Button
  5. Fill in the information for the new contact: Type of Contact, Name, Phone, Email, Address, etc.
    Shows form to create new contact
  6. Click Save and exit the form
  7. View new contact