Sales Cycle Settings

December 31, 2020


The Sales Cycle allows you to track and visualize the progress of contacts throughout your sales process.

A unique sales cycle can be created for each Contact Type.

To create a new step in the Sales Cycle, first, navigate to the Settings menu, click on Sales Cycle, and:

  1. Click next to “Add New”
  2. Select whether the new step is Inactive or Active
    • Active steps in Sales Cycle will be displayed in your Pipeline and Dashboards.
    • Inactive steps are a way of showing the contact is not actively progressing through the Sales Cycle. These are often lost leads. These steps are not displayed in your Pipeline or Dashboards.
  3. Enter the step’s Sort Order
    • This designates where in your Sales Cycle this step should fall.
  4. Name the Step
  5. If during this step in your sales process a customer is quoted or closed select the appropriate check box to automate tracking of this parameter.
    • If customer is neither quoted nor closed in the step don’t check either box
    • Note: Each step following the point when a client is quoted, you will want to check that box, so the data is tracked correctly.
  6. Select if the step has a designated Assigned User
  7. Check the Add Notification box if you want a Notification that a contact has reached this step.
  8. Click

If you cannot see or edit your Sales Cycle that means it has been locked at the enterprise account level.

Please Note: If you have any contacts currently in a sales cycle step, you can only edit it, you will not be able to delete it.