April 27, 2020


Notifications alert you to activity in your account. Their primary purpose is to make management and communication with your contacts as efficient as possible.



The notification has three variations.

  • No new or unattended notifications
  • Unattended Notifications
    • These are notifications that are not new but require some action on your part
  • New Notifications
    • The number in the middle indicates how many new notifications you have.


The Main tools for to help with notifications can be found at the top of the sidebar

  • Timeliness Sort
  • Refresh
  • Ellipsis Menu

You also can click the on the top right of notification to delete just that notification

The Ellipsis Menu offers the following options:

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Here is a basic list of types of notifications you may see.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather give a general overview of different types of notifications you can receive.


There are three main ways you can designate to get notifications

  • Settings
    • Notification Roll up
      • You get notifications for you sub accounts
  • Action Plans
  • Manual Actions