Home Advisor

March 22, 2021


Our Home Advisor integration allows you to instantly get ALL information from new leads from Home Advisor brought straight into ClientTether.

You can also easily monitor all incoming leads from Home Advisor via our API Monitor.

All information is stored and easily accessible within the Contact Profile for the lead.

Based on your settings you can arrange for an Action Plan to instantly fire off once the lead has come into the system.

There are two parts to getting this integration going and they must be done in the following order:

  1. Activating within ClientTether
  2. Activating with Home Advisor

Here is the link to the slide deck used in this presentation.


Activating HomeAdvisor Integration within ClientTether

We have made our side of this integration as simple as possible.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Add-Ons tab
  3. Check the box next to Activate HomeAdvisor
  4. Click on the tab that appears called “HomeAdvisor”
  5. Select your lead sources for “With an Appointment:” and “Without an Appointment”
    • Even if you don’t ever expect to get a lead with an appointment or without an appointment always set the lead source for both anyways.
  6. Click on the Unique Endpoint at the top of the page to copy it.

Here is the link to the slide deck used in this presentation.

Activating Home Advisor Integration with HomeAdvisor

To activate the HomeAdvisor API on the HomeAdvisor side you will need to send an email to: crmintegrations@homeadvisor.com

This email needs to contain:

  1. A Subject with the number of Accounts you wish to add to the API
    • {{YOur Company Name}} X Number of Accounts for API Set up
    • We strongly recommend not doing more than 10 at a time, and testing those 10 accounts, because HomeAdvisor manually enters the data on their end and have made errors on entries before.
  2. Create a table with the columns for the account owners first name, last name, HomeAdvisor Account ID, and the Unique Endpoint you copied from ClientTether.

  3. Make sure to specify for them to turn off any parser emails coming into ClientTether from HomeAdvisor
    • Otherwise you will have the same lead come in via the API integration and the parser, which will cause you to get a lot of duplicates.
  4. Send the email
    • Please be aware HomeAdvisor Standard Operating Procedure is to send you a test contact once the account is connected. This test contact will be a duplicate of an existing contact. If you wish for them not to do this please specify it in your email.

Here is the link to the slide deck used in this presentation.