Unsubscribing From Emails

April 14, 2020

Video Overview

What is unsubscribing for emails

Unsubscribing from emails happens when a contact has said they would no longer like to receive email communications from you.

Why we have unsubscribing for emails

The unsubscribe option is provided in every email sent form ClientTether in compliance with the CANSPAM ACT of 2003.

How contacts unsubscribe to emails

  • They click on the link at the bottom of the email, again this is ALWAYS included in any email sent from ClientTether.
  • They confirm they want to unsubscribe
  • They are unsubscribed

How to tell if someone has unsubscribed

A red note in the contacts history will state they have unsubscribed, and their email address will have been removed from their contact profile.

What you can do if someone has unsubscribed from emails

  • Reach out to the contact via text or phone call to find out why they unsubscribed.
  • Ask if they would like to re-subscribe
  • If permission is granted then re-enter the correct email address in their contact profile.
  • If permission is not granted then leave the field blank.

A Few important things to note

  • A word of warning you should not just go back and re-enter their email without their permission.
  • If you have contacts unsubscribing you need to figure out what you need to change, so that they don’t unsubscribe.