November 13, 2020


Recur360 allows you to integrate your ClientTether proposal system with QuickBooks.

Recur360 simplifies your to do list by

  • Recording payments documented in ClientTether to your Quickbooks account
  • Updating payments received in Recur360 to your ClientTether Proposal and Quickbooks
  • Allowing you to collect payments in Recur 360 with push of a button in your proposal system.

This feature is not available to all accounts in ClientTether. If you would like access to it, please reach out to your Client Success Manager and Recur360.

You will need to coordinate with Recur360 and provide them with the information they need to set you up for this integration on their side. They will most likely need your:

  • X-Access-Token
  • Names/Ids for your Sales-Cycles


Turning on Recur360/Quickbooks/ClientTether Integration

  1. Set up Recur360 Account*
  2. Make sure Recur360 is linked to Quickbooks Online*
  3. Go to ClientTether Settings
  4. Go to API Tab
  5. Copy Web-Key for Account
  6. Go to Recur360 Settings
  7. Go to ClientTether
  8. Paste in Web-Key

Information will now flow Automatically from ClientTether to Quickbooks via Recur360.

*Please note for these steps you will need to directly coordinate with Recur360

Recur360/Quickbooks/ClientTether Integration in depth

Data Flow

This integration allows you to create your clients and proposals one time in ClientTether and Recur360 will move that information into Quickbooks for you.

The begining of this process happens when Recur360 automatically syncs with ClientTether every 6 hours. If you need it to sync more than that you can manually trigger the sync from within Recur360 at anytime.

When Recur360 Syncs with ClientTether it checks the Sales Cycles and Payments in Proposals. With each sync the following will be completed:

  • When a client is in the Sales Cycle Step used to indicate you have created a proposal:
    • Recur360 uses the client information from ClientTether to create a customer in QuickBooks
    • Recur360 will also create an estimate in QuickBooks based on the proposal details in ClientTether.
  • When a payment has been added to a proposal in ClientTether:
    • Recur360 will add that payment as an Unapplied Payment to the existing customer in Quickbooks.
  • When the Sales Cycle Step reflects the job is complete
    • Recur360 will create an invoice in QuickBooks based on your proposal in ClientTether for the customer
    • All Unapplied Payments from the customer for that invoice will automatically be applied to that invoice.

Automated Royalty Fee Collection

All payments entered in ClientTether or made directly through Recur360 are automatically tracked for you.

All franchisees are charged their royalty fee automatically, daily. This will cover all payments they have recieved for the past 3 day waiting period.

A check will automatically be written in the Franchisee’s Quickbooks Online file for the correct Royalty amount.

Recur360 Reporting

All franchisees will be able to see an audit log, within Recur360, of all data sent from ClientTether to Quickbooks Online.

Meanwhile, the franchisor will have a Royalty Fee collection report listing all pertinent details.

Turning on Recur360 Payment Collection

Once you are in the Add-Ons tab in your Settings, there are two simple steps to activating this feature.

  1. Check the box next to Recur360
  2. Enter your Unique Key from Recur360

Utilizing Recur360 Payment Collection

  1. Go to Proposal Overview Tab
  2. Click Recur360 Button
  3. In Recur360 window, enter in all payment information
  4. Once you have collected the payment in Recur360, it will automatically update the proposal with a record of the payment.
    1. If you don’t see the record refresh the proposal page.