Account Info

October 24, 2020


The Account Information page allows you to have direct control over the key information about your company and account.

It also has settings to help you control the look and feel of your account.

Please remember after making any changes you need to click .


Account Information and Preferences

Below are the following setting options you have in the Account Section:

Active/Pause Switch – If this switch shows active then all action plans will be running. If it reads paused then no actions plans will run in that account.

First and Last Name – The first and last name of the main contact for the Account.

Company – The company name. This will also be how your company name is displayed.

Account Holder – the name of the Account Holder. This is usually the same as the first and last Name.

Address 1, 2, 3 – These are used to store your company’s mailing address.

Phone – This sets the default phone number for the account. This is the number that will be called by default for all Action Plan automated calls.

Office-Phone – The number that will be inserted into your email unsubscribe footer to ensure CANSPAM compliance. It is a display only field in that place.

Website – Allows you store your company’s website information in ClientTether.

Email – Sets the default email for the account. Unless other options are selected, this is the default email that will receive daily reminder notices and will be the reply-to email for outbound emails from Action Plans.

Notification Auto-Delete Days – This allows you to set how many days a notification will be in the notification bar before it will automatically be removed.

Record Call Switch – If green, or on, all calls in and out of will be recorded. If grey, or off, the calls will not be recorded.

Notification Switch – If green, or on, you will hear a ding every time you get a notification. If it is grey, or off, you will not hear the ding.

Changing Password

This allows the Account Owner to change their log in password. To do this:

  1. Type your current password in the field marked “Current Password”
  2. Type in the new password in the field marked “New Password”
  3. Confirm the new password by retyping it in the field marked “Repeat New Password”

Common mistakes include mistyping your current password or having the two instances of the new password not match.

Theme Settings

Theme Color will adjust the text color in certain areas of your account.

Header Color will adjust the color of the header.

Footer Color will change the color of the footer.

Logo allows you to upload your company logo. This will then be displayed in the top left of the header and the bottom right of the footer.