February 10, 2020


ClientTether allows you to see all upcoming appointments in your calendar. Calendars are designed to be easy to access and update.

There will be a calendar for each user in an account, and you can always sync your ClientTether Calendar with Google Calendar.


How To Sync To Google Calendar

To sync you ClientTether Calendar with Google Calendar

  1. Go to the Calendar page in ClientTether
  2. Click “Sync With Google Calendar”
  3. Select Google Account you wish to Sync with
  4. Follow any additional prompts from Google

Where To View

There are three places you can view your ClientTether Calendar.

  1. Calendar Page in ClientTether
  2. Contact Profile in ClientTether
  3. Synced Google Calendar

Within ClientTether you can see your calendar, and potentially the calendars for other users.

In Google it is important to note that only your calendar syncs.

How To Edit

Editing the calendar has its own nuances depending on whether its in ClientTether or In Google Calendar

Editing Calendar in ClientTether

To edit an event in ClientTether you just need to navigate to the contact profile for the event

Any edits made to an appointment in ClientTether will be reflected in Google Calendar.

Editing Calendar in Google Calendar

Can Be Edited

In Google Calendar there are a few things you can edit, and those edits will appear in ClientTether

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. New Events

Cannot Be Edited

Likewise, there are a few things in Google Calendar that if edited will not reflect in ClientTether, which are:

  1. Notes
  2. Deleting Events originating from ClientTether

We will have an upgrade in the future that will make notes editable.

Deleting Events that have been created in ClientTether is not allowed with Google Calendar. We do this as a safe guard.