October 27, 2020


Our ClubReady integration allows information about clients to be easily passed between ClientTether and Club Ready to keep both systems up to date.


  • Turn on ClubReady Integration
  • Getting information from ClubReady to ClientTether
  • Getting information from ClientTether to ClubReady

Turn on ClubReady Integration

If the ClubReady add-on is not available in the Add-Ons section in your account settings, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. They will help you coordinate getting access to it.

Otherwise to turn on the Club Ready integration Add-On

  1. Go to Add-On in Settings
  2. Click Check Box next to Club Ready logo
  3. Put in your API Key and Store ID from ClubReady

Getting information from ClubReady to ClientTether

To move new prospect and client records from ClubReady to ClientTether, follow these steps.

  1. Go to ClubReady Integration tab within ClientTether account settings
  2. Select Prospect type (from ClubReady)
  3. Match it to a Lead Source (Within ClientTether)
  4. Click Add Mapping
  5. Repeat as much as needed
  6. Click Clone Mapping to SubAccounts if you want this passed down to SubAccounts
  7. You can assign Prospect Types to Action Plans.
  8. Click to Add Mapping
  9. Repeat as much as needed.
  10. Once those are set go to top of page to Import Now and click Go.
  11. You can also see the date of your last import at the top of the page in the Last Import Date group.

Getting information from ClientTether to ClubReady

To send information into ClubReady

  1. Go to action plans.
  2. Select plan that you would like to update ClubReady from ClientTether.
  3. Add a step in the action plan called “ClubReady – New User Push”
  4. Move any user or group of users into an action plan that contains this step, and it ClientTether will automatically push these records to ClubReady