Enterprise Settings

November 6, 2020

Enterprise Settings is available to the Enterprise Account Owner and Admins.

This portion of the account settings options allows the Enterprise Account Owner to maintain brand consistency, sale cycle, lead source, proposal template, and contact deletion consistency across all sub accounts. Our Franchisor and Dealer clients use this setting frequently to ensure data integrity across their national brands.

Remember that locking the lead source at an enterprise level will restrict franchisees or other sub accounts from adding their own lead sources to their accounts. This can restrict some flexibility at the local level that you may need to allow.

If you will be using ClientTether to track your Royalty reports, please note that you can adjust Royalty rates and Marketing Fees in this area of the account settings.

A Special Note on Sales Cycle

If you lock a sales cycle it will only lock the sales cycle for the Accounts directly under you.

It will not lock the sales cycle for accounts that are sub accounts for other accounts in your system.

It will not lock the sales cycle for other accounts that are the same level as you.