Guideline for Submitting Ideas

January 1, 2024

1. Ticket Title and Identification

  • Title: Concise yet descriptive. Begin with the major area in the ClientTether System that is affected and follow it with a few words to describe the feature.
  • Date: Date of creation (YYYY-MM-DD0

2. Overview of the Idea

  • Brief Description: A clear summary of what the ides is all about.
  • Purpose: Why this idea necessary?
  • Scope: Define the boundaries of the change (what is and isn’t included). Is this for “all accounts” or uniquely for your account?

3. System and User Settings

  • New Settings: Describe any new settings required.  Remember the system is already being used by someone as is. Changing the system most likely introduces a required Setting.
  • Modification to Existing Settings: Detail changes to current settings. Where will the Setting be placed.
  • User Impact: Explain how users will interact with these settings. Is the setting based on a User or Account level? Is the setting locked at the enterprise and forced up on the Accounts? Is the setting copied to subaccounts?

4. Data Collection and Usage

  • Data Fields: What new data will be collected? What type of data is being collected? In what format is the data stored and displayed?
  • Justification: Explain the need for this data.
  • Usage: How the data will be used (e.g., reporting, system decisions).
  • Privacy Compliance: Ensure adherence to data protection laws.