Google Sheets Integration

March 25, 2021


In Action Plans, you can now create an action plan step to instantly update a Google Sheet. This is an easy way to push updates to Google Analytics or other third party platforms that integrate with Google Sheets. To do this:

  1. Go to Action Plans
  2. Open the Action Plan you wish to add the step to
  3. Add a new action step
  4. In the Action Type drop down list select Google Sheet.
  5. Link the Google account that has editor rights to the Google Sheet you wish to update, by clicking on the drop menu for Authorized Google Accounts.
    • To add an authorized Google account just select “Add New”
    • Click the blue button that appears that says “Authorization with google”
    • Select which of your Google accounts you wish to authorize
    • Click Allow
    • Then go back to the drop-down list and select the newly authorized account.
  6. Next, paste in the Google Sheet ID
    • This is found opening the desired Google Sheet and copying the id number from the URL for the Google Sheet
  7. Select the Payload
    • If you opt to send full Contact Payload your sheet needs to be designed to have headers for every piece of the contact’s payload
    • If you want to only send specific information from the contact, put the name of the column from your Google Sheet you wish the information to go to in the Key Name section and select the corresponding Token to go to the value. Click Save after each key name- value pair you create.
    • You can set a fixed value without a token, but that value will always be what is sent.
  8. Click “Save Action” once you are done with editing the step

Each time this action step runs, it will push the selected data from the client record into the specified Google Sheet.