January 5, 2022


TetherPay allows you to accept payments within ClientTether.

TetherPay is possible because of a partnership between ClientTether and Stax.

It is important to know that all sensitive payment information is stored and directly managed by Stax.

Before starting the process to use this integration please be aware of the following:

  • You must fill out an application with Stax via our integration (more on that below) and be approved.
    • Application includes a SOFT pull to get your credit score.
  • You will be charged a transaction fee
    • Depends on type of transaction
      • ACH (least expensive)
      • Debit
      • Credit Card (Most expensive)
    • Transaction fee differs based on
      • Type of transaction
      • Banks involved


Information Needed

You will need to gather all of the information listed on the TetherPay Enrollment Application Checklist.

Please be aware that this is an application NOT a sign up. You can be rejected. The top three reasons for being denied are:

  • Not completing your application in allotted time.
  • Providing fraudulent, or false, information on the application
  • Having a low credit score
    • This is checked with soft pull and will not affect your credit score.

Activating TetherPay

  1. Turn on in TetherPay Settings -> Add-On -> Premium
  2. Go to TetherPay tab in Settings
  3. Click Start enrollment here
  4. Fill out form
  5. Confirm email
  6. Finish application
  7. Wait for approval
    • Once approved Web Token and API Key will have been added to account
    • This can take a couple hours or a couple weeks. Please watch for emails from STAX that maybe asking for more information.
  8. Access TetherPay will be available in:
    • ClientTether Proposal Version 2
    • New menu option in ClientTether between Calendar and Hello! menu.

Clarification: the TetherPay Menu shows up as soon as you turn on the Add-On however you will not be able to do anything with it until you applied and been approved for your Stax account.

Using TetherPay

To fully understand and use TetherPay correctly, please thoroughly go through the following four sections. It is imperative you review this information in order.

Royalty Settings

Once you have been approved you are ready to use TetherPay!

If you have subaccounts, before doing anything else take a minute go to:

  1. The Settings Account tab, where it lists all of your sub accounts.
  2. Go to the edit button by each of your sub accounts.
  3. Look at the CT Pay section at the bottom of the account settings
  4. Make sure the correct boxes are checked/unchecked for royalty payments on tips and Convenience Fees.

Make sure you do this for each of your sub accounts before taking any payments via TetherPay.

Where you can use TetherPay

With TetherPay there are two places where you can accept payments

  1. ClientTether Proposal Version 2
    • Accepts Card Payments only
    • Accept tips
    • Record Payments made in Tab
  2. TetherPay Menu link
    • Card Payments
    • ACH Payments
    • Accept Tips
    • Have access to other features available via Stax for TetherPay

IF you accept payments within the TetherPay Menu Link you will have to manually add them to your proposal V2 if you are accepting a payment tied to an active proposal.

We recommend the following Payment type designations in that situation .

  • Card payment – Select Card
  • ACH – Select Other

You cannot select TetherPay because that will open up a feature to accept a card payment.

Using TetherPay in Proposal Version 2

To utilize the TetherPay option in the proposal system:

  1. Go to the active proposal that you are wanting to get paid on
  2. Make sure the tip option is selected correctly on the proposal
    • You can set this account wide by going to the Settings-> Proposal -> Payment tab.
  3. Click add payment
  4. Select Date
  5. Select payment Type as TetherPay
  6. Select payment stage
  7. Enter amount
  8. click Record
  9. Enter in card information
  10. Enter in Tip if appropriate
  11. Click Pay button
    • If card information is not correct then you cannot click the Pay button.
  12. Client’s card will be charged and Payment recorded in ClientTether.

Please remember that the TetherPay payment type is only for accepting new payments not recording payments you have already received via the TetherPay Tab.

Here is how to access the information in the TetherPay Menu

  1. Click on the new TetherPay Menu item in your ClientTether header
    • Will be between Calendar and Hello! menu
  2. Login with your Stax Login information
    • Please note there is an option for adding multiple users to TetherPay. We strongly recommend each member of your team have their own individual login.
  3. After Logging in you will be taken to your TetherPay Dashboard from there you can Access
    • Reports
    • Payments
      • yes you can accept payments!
      • You will have to manually update in your payment history for any active ClientTether Proposals.
    • Invoices
      • Not the same thing as ClientTether Proposal system
    • Schedules
    • Disputes
    • Customers
      • This list is independent of ClientTether. You will have to update separately.
    • Catalog
    • Apps
    • Settings

For more detailed information on each of these features and EXACTLY what they entail please visit the Stax support page, and focus on the the StaxPay Section it will address these features in detail.