July 18, 2022

September 7, 2022
  • Information Dots: Information Dots () are currently being added throughout the UI to provide additional details on features, settings, and options within the account. To review that information, click on the Info dot icon wherever found within the system.
  • Dashboard Updates: Additional date range options have been added to select reports displayed on the Dashboard reporting menu. Refer to the Dashboard documentation in the User Manual for a detailed description of report options. Please Note: Some reports will only be displayed on the Dashboard if a corresponding feature or setting is enabled in the account (i.e. Proposal System). 
  • Action Plan Review Feature: When “locked” Action Plans are shared to Sub-accounts from the Enterprise level account, Sub-Account users will now be able to view the content of Action Plans via an added magnifying glass button (). Please note that this option allows “view-mode” of the Plan only. Additionally, Sub-account users can now also click on each step of the Action Plan and open that step in “read-mode” only. 
  • Settings Menu Update: Files feature documentation has been added to the User Manual. 
  • File Sharing by Sub-Account Users: Sub-account Users can now share/send files using the “duplicate” tool found within the file menu.
  • Signatures: To create a binding contract, as often required by many states, the Proposal system now features a Signature acknowledgement and signature box to both confirm and submit an e-signature on a Proposal. This Signature is then “locked” to this Proposal unless items are added or updated which then allows the field to be “unlocked” and a new Signature added based on the changes. 
  • Payment Schedule:  A Payment Schedule is now shown at the bottom of the Proposal in both Quote View and Customer View to clearly show the Deposit amount, Progress amount and expected Final amount as applicable on Quotes created in the system. If entered, these values are also “locked” with the Signature (see notes above). If the signature “seal” is broken by editing or updating the Worksheet, the Payment Schedule can also be updated. Otherwise, these fields are held constant to the original signature on the Quote.