Lead Routing

January 20, 2021


Lead routing allows you to automatically sort your leads to either sub accounts or users within your own account.

Lead routing will automatically sort any new leads, and you can also signal for it to sort any old leads as well.

Please note you are only allowed to have one lead routing plan per Enterprise account.


Activating Lead Routing

To activate lead routing:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Add-Ons Tab
  3. Check box next to “Activate Lead Routing”

Once this is done you will see the Lead Routing tab appear above the Lead Source Tab in Settings.

Using Lead Routing

To utilize lead routing

  1. Go to Lead Routing tab in Settings
  2. Select whether you are sorting leads to Users or Sub Accounts
  3. Select how you want to sort the leads
    • Round-Robin
      • Evenly distributes leads among Users or Sub Accounts.
    • State/Province
      • Allows you to assigns specific States/Provinces to the Users or Sub Accounts.
    • Postal Code
      • Allows you to assigns specific Postal code(s) to the Users or Sub Accounts.
    • Lead Source
      • Allows you to assigns specific Lead Source(s) to the Users or Sub Accounts.
  4. Set your Mapping
    • Select if you want this to apply to Existing Customers in your account
    • Select if you want action plans is sub accounts to activate based on lead source. (IF you are applying the lead routing to existing customers this option is not available)
    • For everything other than Round Robin, Select who you want default leads (so leads that don’t fit any of the mapping) to go to.
    • For everything other than Round Robin assign the mapping to the correct User or Sub Account.

If you are lead routing to sub accounts AND want to activate action plans. Lock your Lead Sources at the Enterprise level.