Log Codes

November 20, 2020


Our Log Codes function allows you to provide a systematic framework of reporting calls “Call Codes” within your organization. This directly affects what is available to your organization in the Log-a-Call feature in the Whiteboard Tab.

When your team uses this tool within a client profile, they can send automatic updates to the account owner by email or text that includes the logged call notes and Call Codes attached to it.

When setting this feature up, you can select whether communication on Log-a-Calls is done via Email and/or text by default.

You can create your Reason and Disposition Codes

  1. Select Contact Type
  2. Select Code Type
  3. Enter Code name
  4. Enter a description
  5. Click

You can also see the list of your current Codes at the bottom of the page.

As a note, Reason Codes are there to provide the reason for the call, such as, “Reschedule”, “Complaint”, “New Service Request”, etc. Disposition Codes are intended to indicate what action was taken with the client on the call, such as, “Rescheduled”, “Cancelled Service”, “Forwarded to Sales”, etc.