May 5, 2022

September 7, 2022

  • Proposal System Update: The Proposal System has been updated to include the auto-save feature throughout. This change is now in effect whenever changes are made on any screen within the Proposal System.  Additionally, when changes are made to any screen  within the Proposal System, calculations are also updated and auto-saved. 
  • Proposal System Update: The Proposal System Line Item feature has been updated where a Line Item is selected to be deleted, a dialogue box will now appear and you must click “OK” to continue. Once deleted, you can view the Line Item in the Archives Tab in Proposal Settings. From that menu you can restore it for use if needed by clicking on the green arrow. Also note that when a Line Item is deleted and archived it will still show in Proposals where it was previously used.
  • Angi Ads Integration: As simple as it seems, Angi Ads is different from Angi Leads. The system not includes an Add-On process to accept leads with a custom integration for each.