Email Settings

August 26, 2020


Email settings allow us to set up SMTP and IMAP configurations with outside email services.

In other words, you can send email out from ClientTether from your email account, whether it be GMail, Outlook, iCloud, etc. This can help boost your deliverability rates and keeps a record of all sent emails in your email account Sent folder.

Always make sure, when you use this feature to check the box in the top that says enable SMTP and IMAP as you set up your connection.

Make sure you have done everything with your email service to allow SMTP and IMAP options to be available. This differs by service, so you will need to verify with your email provider anything you need to do on your end.



The Custom option allows you to use any email provider to set up your SMTP/IMAP service with.

You will need to look at documentation provided by your email provider to get the

  • SMTP Host address
  • SMTP Port
  • IMAP Host
  • IMAP Port
  • Password (Usually App Specific)

Make sure you check the Check Box for Enable SMTP and IMAP


Gmail is by far the simplest setup. This can be used with any google email system.

  1. Check box for Enable SMTP and IMAP
  2. Select Gmail (Auth Process)
    1. If you set up Gmail through the old process you will need to do this new process. You will see the word’s OLD and NEW. Select the Gmail with NEW. See this video.
      1. If you don’t see New and Old then you never set up on the old system.
  3. Type your email address into the box
  4. Click “Sign in with Google” button
  5. Select the google Account you wish to use
  6. Click “Allow”
  7. You will see a message appear in green that will say “Success: Congratulations, token for your gmail is generated successfully.”
  8. Click “Test SMTP Send” and you will get a test email sent from ClientTether that will display that it was sent from your email address.

Outlook & iCloud

The the SMTP Host/port and the IMAP Host/Port are already provided for you here. You will just need to

  1. Check box for Enable SMTP and IMAP
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Get the correct password
    • This should be an app specific password
  4. Log in to the app to connect your email account to ClientTether

Disabling SMTP and IMAP Email Setting

  1. Uncheck Check box for Enable SMTP and IMAP
  2. Go to Custom option
  3. Make sure all fields clear
  4. click “Save Settings”