Account Settings

January 8, 2021


If your ClientTether account has been enabled as a Multi-Unit account, you will be able to add sub-accounts beneath your Enterprise Account. If not, you will not see the Account tab in the Settings menu within your account.

The Account tab in the Settings menu allows you to

  1. Login as a Sub-Account’s Account Owner
  2. Edit Existing Accounts
  3. Delete Existing Accounts
  4. Create New Sub-Accounts


  1. Create New Sub-Account
  2. Login as Sub-Account
  3. Edit Existing Accounts
  4. Delete Existing Accounts
  5. Complete Set Up for New Sub-Account

Create New Sub Account

Click next to “Create New Account”

Once the new window appears you can enter in the following information:

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Phone Number*
  • Email*
  • Username*
  • Company Name*
  • Web Address
  • Account Owner*
  • Time Zone
  • Choose if you are cloning an account
  • Activate Proposal System (Must be activated in Add ons)
    • Royalty Rate
    • Marketing Rate
  • Set the Password*
  • Select if Self Pay Account (Must be Activated in Add ons)

Anything that is denoted with a * is required.

Login as Sub-Account

You can click next to the account to login to that sub account.

This is helpful if you want to review that account’s pipeline details, lead conversion rate, activity, or other reports. It also enables you to view contacts, history, and to help support sub accounts by engaging contacts on their behalf.

Edit Existing Account

Click and you can edit the account’s:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Web Address
  • Account Owner
  • Time Zone
  • Activation of Proposals
    • Royalty Rate
    • Marketing Rate
  • Update Password

Please remember you cannot currently activate self pay for an existing account.

Delete Existing Account

Click to delete an account.

You cannot undo this action once it is done.

Also be aware that you cannot delete an account that has sub accounts.

Complete Set Up for New Sub-Account

Once a new sub account has been created, regardless if it is a clone, you will need to complete set up for the account.

In order to do this you must log in to the account via the ClientTether Login Page. You cannot do this by logging in via the Accounts or Accounts Settings pages.

Once you login as via the ClientTether login page you will be prompted to:

  1. Enter your credit card information
  2. Select a phone number

Once those two pieces are entered the set up for the sub account is complete.