Sometimes ClientTether Account holders have purchased advanced programmable phone systems like Cisco. These systems track many data points needed to manage a Call Center. We do not plan on building such complex software.  However this API for IVRs is designed to open up ClientTether to accept secure input from any advanced programmable phone system. Effectively making ClientTether a Call Center CRM that can be used to manage calls for multiple clients.

The IVR API has its own URL that is separate from the URLs mentioned elsewhere.

Your advanced phone system must be able to accurately send the following data to our IVR API URL: Web_Key , agent_number, client_number

Web_Key is the same web_key as mentioned in other APIs and is found on the Settings Screen to identify a specific the ClientTether account.

Agent_number is the phone number of the agent where the IVR has chosen to send the actual call. This should be a 10 digit number with no formatting. For example: 4205551212 is a properly formatted agent number while 402-555-1212 is not.  Warning: The Agent’s phone number must be in ClientTether and uniquely assigned to only one User. It should also be entered in ClientTether as a 10 digit number with no formatting.

Client_number is the phone number of the caller.  This phone should also be sent as a 10 digit number only with no formatting.

When the IVR API receives input, it takes the data and uses it to display information. First the system identifies which agent to show the information to, by looking up the Agent’s phone in the User’s List. Second, the API uses the web_key to narrow down the ClientTether account in which to search for the Client’s Phone Number.  If the system finds the phone number among the Account’s Client List, then the system displays that Client’s info in the Agent’s Active Call Queue in the Call Portal. Otherwise, the systems indicates in the Active Call Queue that the Caller is Unknown.

So a completed URL might look like the following: