Lead Sources Settings

December 31, 2020


Lead Sources allow you to easily and automatically track lead attribution and lead source performance.

Lead source settings allow you to see:

  • All of your Lead Sources
  • Individual web keys for Posting
  • Individual IDs for API requests.

To create a new Lead source:

  1. Click next to “Lead Source”.
  2. Type in the desired name
  3. Click

To Edit or Delete a lead source:

  1. Click
  2. Change name if desired
  3. Delete by clicking if desired
  4. Exit out of Edit mode by Clicking

To acquire or get a new Web Key for posting:

  1. On the desired lead source Click

Note: If you refresh the web key, any place you were using the previous web key will need to be refreshed with the new web key you generate.

If you cannot see Lead Sources or edit Lead Sources in Settings then they have been locked at the enterprise level.