Self-Pay Sub Account Feature

December 31, 2020


The Self-Pay sub account feature is only available for new sub accounts. You cannot use this feature with existing accounts.

In order to use this feature your account must be enabled as a multi-level accounts, which allows you to create sub accounts.

This feature allows your sub accounts to directly pay ClientTether, so you do not get charged for their account each month.

To use this:

  1. Reach out to your Success Manager and let them know you would like this feature turned on.
  2. You will know the feature is on by going to Add-Ons in Settings and see that it has a check mark next “Activate Self-Pay Subaccount Option. Ask your Success Manager for details
  3. Once Active, Go to the Account tab in Settings.
  4. Click next to create a new sub account.
  5. In the “Create New Account” window toggle to on.

Finish Setting up the account.

When the new account owner logs in for the first time they will be prompted for their Credit Card Number and then they will be allowed to select their phone number.

The credit card information for any account can be updated at anytime after set up by going to the Billing Info tab in Settings.