Block Incoming Calls and Texts

July 13, 2023

Sometimes you just need to block calls from a specific number. There is an easy access switch on the Contact Profile that allows you to do just that. It also pseudo blocks text messages.

When that switch is turned on (image show off), the phone number associated with that contact is blocked from calling your ClientTether phone number. You can flip the switch either direction and any time.

While the Blocked Switch is turned off, incoming text messages will be captured and stored with the Contact’s Profile, but it will not generate incoming Notifications. We call this pseudo blocked.

Proposals: show Bid Type on Invoice

July 13, 2023

The Proposal system has customizable controls for what components of a Worksheet show on the quote and Invoice. There two controls highlighted here control whether the Bid Type and Bid Type $ shows on the Invoice.

Tokens in Proposal: Terms and Conditions

July 13, 2023

Tokens can be used in Terms and Conditions as well as About Me. This allows you to personalize these components of the Proposal / Invoice.

Multiple Users in one Contact Profile

July 13, 2023

Contact Profile header color will change if multiple Users are in the same one.
Notifications associated with an open Contact Profile will also change color.

In the image example above, the gray header color is normal and the yellow-ish color is the warning that two or more Users have opened the same Contact Profile.

Notifications on Contact Profile

June 29, 2023

Accessing Notifications for a specific Contact is easy with the Notification Icon found on the Contact Profile. Please watch this short video

Advanced Filters

June 29, 2023

There are many features associated with Advanced Filters… more details needed

Common Custom Fields


June 29, 2023

Our integration allows you to send Contact data one-way to ServiceBridge on demand from the Contact Profile with the click of a button that shows after this Add-On has been activated. Follow this link to learn how to Activate Add-Ons.

This feature assumes that you already have an account and are familiar with ServiceBridge features. If you have support questions about ServiceBridge, please contact them.


After activating the ServiceBridge Add-On, a new Settings Tab will be made available. Click on that tab and enter the necessary credentials. There is a link included on that page with instructions from ServiceBridge.

CompanyCam Integration

June 28, 2023

Our integration with CompanyCam allows you to share photos from CompanyCam within ClientTether’s Contact Profile and Proposal. This feature allows you to incorporate visual documentation into your ClientTether workflow, enhancing your ability to create compelling proposals and improve communication with your clients. By setting up the integration between CompanyCam and ClientTether, you can now easily access and include relevant project photos directly within your proposals and Contact info, providing a comprehensive and professional experience for your Users and Clients. In this support documentation, we will guide you through the process of setting up and utilizing this integration to optimize your workflow and enhance your project management capabilities. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits and steps to make the most out of this valuable integration.


This integration is an Add-On feature and must be activated before the integration tab will be visible. Please visit the Add-On support page to learn how to activate Add-Ons.
Note: You will need to create an Access Token in CompanyCam to complete this activation.

After CompanyCam integration has been activated, a new Settings Tab will become visible. Click on that new tab to continue with the setup process.
There are two fields in the setup.

1. CompanyCam Access Token: this is a token that you create inside of your CompanyCam account. A link is provided to the documentation from CompanyCam on how to create your Access Token. Please contact them if you have questions on this procedure. Once you have created the Access Token simple copy and paste that value into the first field.

2. Project Naming convention: This is an optional field that can be used to auto-generate Project Names if you choose to create a new project from within ClientTether. Use ClientTether Tokens from the dropdown list to the right or type in some text. For example: if I wanted projects that start in ClientTether to be named with the initials of CT_ and then the address of the property where the work would be done and finally followed by today’s date; then in the Project Naming convention field you would enter:
CT_{{client.address}}_{{}}. Remember the tokens will come from the Token dropdown menu t the right. When you select the token by name, the value is copied to the clipboard so that all you have to do is paste into the naming convention field.

Using CompanyCam in ClientTether

After the setup is complete, there are two location where the CompanyCam icon will appear:
1. in the Contact Profile
2. in Proposals on the Overview tab
Each location is independent of each other. Below is a video showing this two locations and how to use them. We assume that you already have a CompanyCam account and know how to use it.


May 30, 2023

Triggers are a way of extending the automation in ClientTether and they are based on Notifications. If a Notifications is generated then you can tell the system to launch an Action Plan or a Text/Email Template. Not all Notifications are included.

New Meeting Scheduler

May 30, 2023

An introductory walkthrough of the two paths the New Meeting Schedule can use to get contacts into your list.