Notification Settings

December 2, 2021


The Notification Tab is in Settings.

You potentially have two internal tabs Control and Rollup. We will discuss each of those in depth later.

However, it is important to note the notification settings for this tab are saved per user and are not universal for the account.

Also please note that the Rollup tab will only appear if you turn on the Notification Roll-up Add-On.

Please note both of these settings are applied to the specific user not the account as a whole.



The control tab allows each User to decide exactly what type of Notifications they will receive.

In some cases you have three options for your notifications

  • System
    • This controls whether the notification is displayed in the right side panel of ClientTether.
    • This option is available for every notification type.
  • Text AU
    • If the user is the Assigned User for the contact then they receive a text notification.
  • Email AU
    • If the user is the Assigned user for the contact then they receive an email notification.

Please also note that if the User is rolling up Notifications they will only see the roll up of the notification types they have selected in Control.

Also if you use the gold login button for an account or the green login as button for a user the notifications you see will be the same as the user you just ‘Logged in as’. Your credentialed settings do not go with you.

Control tab is always available in the Notification tab regardless of what Add-ons are turned on or off for the account.


The roll up tab allows you to select sub accounts you wish to see notifications for in your right side panel while being in the parent account.

Please note if you have selected to see only specific notification types in the control tab that those types are the only notifications that will roll up to you from the subaccounts.

Remember this setting saves per user and is NOT a universal account setting.