ClientTether provides you several options for placing calls to contacts.

Calls placed from ClientTether will be made with the phone number selected for your account. It is displayed in the Settings header under the ClientTether Number heading.

Having your calls placed through ClientTether is very advantageous because:


From time to time an account's phone number may have been flagged as spam. If this has happened to you will have errors given as you try to call the contact's number.

Please feel free to check such numbers using numlookup or a similar service to verify if the numbers are valid and if they are what carrier they use.

Below is a list of resources for reaching out to get your account number removed from the spam lists for various carriers.

Ultimately, you can reach out to your Account's CSM to request a new number for your account, but there is no guarantee the new number will not have the same issue. We strongly encourage you to reach out via the above resources.