The attachment storage in ClientTether is designed to allow you to store and access files in two locations.

No matter the location the max file size for a single file is 20 MB.

File Settings

The first Location you can access File management tools in ClientTether is in the "File" tab in the account settings. This collection of attachments are available for every client within your account, and in franchises or multi-unit businesses, it can be used to share approved documents with franchisees.

To add files to this location just click next to file attachments.

You can download , duplicate , copy the link , or delete any of these files.

Contact Profile

The second location you can access file management is within the Contact Profile . The attachments stored here are for a specific contact and are not available for other contacts within your account.

To add files to a client record, go under the Attachments at the bottom of the left-hand column in the Contact Profile and click

You can download or trash any attachment .

Using The Attachments

You can use these attachments in any email or text message. Just be aware that the Contact, or Client Attachments are only available for that contact.

If you are using Templates, Action Plans, Group Emails, or Group Text Messages you can only use the account attachments that are in your Files tab in settings (not those stored in an individual client record).


SMS (Texting)

  • Can only send the following file types:
    • jpeg
    • png
    • gif
  • Total Size for SMS must be less than 5.0 MB


Warning: Some PDF files will not be allowed to send via Microsoft SMTP OAUTH 2.0. This is something caused on Microsoft's side and is outside of ClientTether Control. To be safe we always recommend attaching the PDF files as a link and not as an attachment.