Tokens are predefined values that allow the system to auto fill specific data from the Contact Profile, such as the Contacts first name, your Company Name, etc. when emails or text/SMS messages are launched from the account.

Tokens are accessible for use in emails and texts/SMS messages in Action Plans, templates, and group messages (features of Contacts).

Explanation to Token Types

  1. Contact Tokens
    • These Tokens pull information specific to the Contact Profile and include data such as the Contacts First Name.
  2. Common Custom Field Tokens
    • These Tokens pull information from the Custom Fields added within the Account for Contact Profiles.
  3. Hosted Pages Tokens
    • These Tokens are linked to the Account's Hosted Pages created within the Settings menu.
  4. External Integration IDs
    • These Tokens link to External Integrations established within the account.
  5. Custom Option Tokens
    • This Token provides a Custom data entry.
  6. Logged in User
    • These tokens will pull information for the Assigned or logged in User for the account.
  7. Account
    • These Tokens pull data from the Account Info tab within the Settings menu such as Company Name and Account Owner.
  8. Appointments
    • This Token pulls data from the scheduled Event/Appointment created within the Contact Profile.
  9. Proposals
    • This Token links to the Contacts Proposal information.
  10. Current Date-Time
    • These Tokens pull data from the Event/Appointment created within the Contact Profile.

Complete List of Available Tokens

  • Contact
    • Contact ID
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Email
    • Home Phone (Secondary Number)
    • Cell Phone (Primary Number)
    • Job Title
    • Deal Sized
    • Deal Closed
    • Age
    • Education
    • Gender
    • Lead Source
    • High Net Worth
    • Home Owner Status
    • Household Income
    • Length of Residence
    • Market Value
    • Marital Status
    • Occupation
    • Presence of Children
    • Presence of Pets
    • Anniversary 1
    • Anniversary 2
    • Clients Date Last
    • Clients Date Next
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Payment
      • Filled with last Payment entered in Payment History
    • Whiteboard
      • Filled with all information currently on whiteboard.
  • Common Custom Fields
    • List will show all Custom Field options created within the account
  • External Integrations IDs
    • CT External ID will show the main ID associated with a Contact
    • Additional custom named External IDs "may" also show by name, but the token will fill with the ID
  • Hosted Pages
    • Hosted Page (User Defined)
      • Replace 'PAGE_SLUG' with 'Page slug' of needed Hosted Page
        • If page slug is example-Sara
        • Select Hosted Page
        • {{hostedpage.PAGE_SLUG}} Will appear in the email in the action plan/ template
        • Change PAGE_SLUG to example-Sara
          • {{hostedpage.example-Sara}}
  • Custom Option
    • User Defined
      • User Custom Field Label and Replace Space with '_' Underscore
        • If custom Field is "A Label"
        • Select User Defined under Custom Option
        • {{client.Placeholder_Token}} Will appear in the action plan/template
        • Change Placeholder_Token to "A_Label" (Remember to replace any spaces in the Field name with the underscore)
          • {{client.A_Label}}
          • The value for the custom field will be put in the email for the contact.
  • Logged in User
    • User ID
    • User First Name
    • User Last Name
    • User Phone
    • User Email
  • Account
    • Today
    • Account First Name
    • Account Last Name
    • Account Phone
    • Account Office Phone
    • Account Email
    • Account Address 1
    • Account Address 2
    • Account Address 3
    • Account Company Name
    • Account Web Address
    • Account Owner
    • Account Web-key
    • Reputation Link
  • Appointments
    • Next Appointment Start Date
    • Next Appointment Start Time
    • Next Appointment End Date
    • Next Appointment End Time
  • Proposals
    • Proposal Link
      • Emails Proposal Link
  • Current Date-Time
    • Today Date (m/d/y)
    • Today Date Time (Y-m-d-H i.s.)