Release Notes

June 24, 2021

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Thursday July 22 2021

  • Bug fix – Linked In field in contact profile now save value
  • Proposal-> Worksheets -> Room Measurements UI has updated so that it linear and easier to edit for each line item.
  • We have added verbiage to the Find Phone Number page for new account set up to clarify the number being picked is permanent
  • If an opportunity has an active V2. proposal attached to it then deal size field will not be able to be manually manipulated.

Thursday July 15 2021

  • New advanced filter option for the contact list
    • “No lead source selected”
      • Will show any contacts with lead sources unknown or blank in your list
  • A new contact/opportunity must be saved before a proposal can be created for it
  • We can now delete certain items from the proposal settings and they will be available in an archive tab – Archive Tab only shows up once something has been deleted
    • Bid Types
      • Can be archived but not permanently deleted
      • Can be restored
    • Categories
      • Can be archived but not permanently deleted
      • Can be restored
    • Line Items
      • Can be archived but not permanently deleted
      • Can be restored
    • Quote Type
      • Can be permanently deleted
      • Can be restored
    • Pre-Notes
      • Can be permanently deleted
      • Can be restored
    • Sub’s
      • Can be permanently deleted
      • Can be restored
  • In Proposal Settings’ Tax/Display tab We now have options to
    • Show line items on Invoice
      • Default setting is unchecked
    • Show Line Item $ on Quote
      • Default setting is unchecked
  • In a proposal if you update the room calculations they now auto update on the worksheet.
  • Proposal Constants
    • List now displays in alphabetical order
    • Be used as valued in default value fields for line items (Proposal Settings)
    • Can be edited in a proposal and only affect that proposal
    • Can be edited in settings and it will not affect existing proposals

Thursday July 8 2021

  • Daily Emails Should deliver at 5 am for the time zone which is selected in the accounts operation settings.
  • Contact Reminders will update at 5 am each day in the account
    • Green dots appear
    • Green dots turn to yellow dots
  • If your SMTP setting is for a Google account and your password was updated, but you have not updated your SMTP settings within ClientTether the following will occur:
    • SMTP will be turned off
    • Error message will display
    • Error notification will display asking you to reconnect your SMTP.

Thursday July 1 2021

Updates to Settings->User ->user edit capabilities

  • update username
  • select if user is to receive daily emails

Changes to Settings-> Proposal

  • New layout in tabbed format to make navigation easier
  • Template tab
    • Duplicate
    • Share templates with other accounts in your organization
    • Delete templates
  • Proposal Default Tab
    • IF version 1 of proposal system is active in your account this will show
      • Allows you to edit default values
    • If this is showing and it is blank or you no longer use V1 please reach out to your CSM and they will coordinate having it removed for you.

Changes to Settings->Account

  • Any selection to the Accounts Display setting is global for that individual account. Meaning it will be the same for all users
  • The selection of Account Admin will switch the two columns on the Account Page of Account Admin and Company Name
  • Selection of the Notifications option will make it so users will only see the accounts they have set to see roll up notifications for.

Thursday June 24 2021

  • Change User Levels from Admin to Standard and vise versa
  • User setting for daily email is now controlled in the user tab in settings.
    • Account Owner still controlled in Action Plans
  • Now able to save Contact list filters
  • Can choose how to order accounts
    • Account Name
    • Admin User
    • Notification roll up selections

  • Account Deactivate puts count in 10 day waiting period and then it is deleted. You cannot access the account while it is deactivated.
    • You can reactivate the account anytime in this 10 day window and have all of the settings and contacts restored
    • Once the 10 day count down is finished the account is permanently deleted from the system.

  • Default Date range selection for dashboard has been changed from the last year to the last month.
    • New tab in settings called “Charts” allows you to edit that for your specific account
  • Proposal Line items drop-down type
    • can pick display and value by typing display|Value
    • can now have designated default by adding * to item you wish to be default.
      • display|Value*
  • Reset Password from login page has been fixed.